Date night with Liam at The Mandrain Court.

So treat nights have been limited the last year cause I’ve been on a healthy eating to lose the weight I needed to lose. So me and himself decided to have a date night in our most loved Chinese in Sligo, So early bird it was then.



Was these gorgeous cheese stuffed mushrooms with salad garnish 😋 oh dear lord amazing and garlic mayo was Devine 🙈



Curry curry with chips 👏👍 I love the veg crunchy especially the onion and this curry is best in Sligo I promise you. 😍



Chocolate brownie with cream and ice cream was just something I couldn’t resist even tho I couldn’t eat another bite 😂 greed hit me then night couldn’t move 🙈🙊

Last but not least my outfit of the night 💕 x

image image

Blouse €13

Jeans €19

Shoes €15 all from Pennys

Coat €35 from Love lira in love with this coat

now that’s my first post delighted 😘

lots of love

Fiona x

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