Valentine’s Present/OOTD <3

Happy valentine’s day ladies.

I hope you have had a fantastic day no matter who you spent it with as its a day of love you dont need to have a boyfriend to enjoy it. So i am here writting this post listening to the 50 Shades of Grey album which i think is very good.

NYX Blusher/illuminator

11007430_10205891818877302_809484606_n 10984849_10205891818997305_463431123_n 11007634_10205891818957304_454268995_n

This is a build ableblusher, when i was telling liam what i wanted to get for valentines i wasn’t sure on what these were like. So i was unsure what colour to get because i like to see make-up in person when i am buying, but seeing as they don’t stock it in any stores/pharmacy’s i was i get what i am guessing would be nice and this blusher is nice. I am not over joyed on  the first go so i will try again and do review next month when i get a proper feel for the product.

Nyx Push up bra for eyebrows


Nah im not loving this what so ever the pencil is way to hard on applying it to the eyebrow but the highlighter is soft but as first go again i will give it another try!

Tanya Burr lipgloss.


Love this lipgloss so much i wore it today smells divine and does not have that sticky feeling at all like some glosses do and stick to your hair. Which i hate 😦 When i was ordering this i thought i picked a different colour but i was trying to decide for days which colour i wanted but this is a nude/pink colour perfect for day time and this is called “Chic”.

Nyx butter lipsticks.

10984890_10205891819437316_1847410818_n 10961938_10205891819477317_1319946532_n 10997033_10205891819557319_1030047512_n

Snow cap butter lipstick i havent got chance to wear these yet.

11007590_10205892002281887_1674248646_n 11003978_10205892002401890_446207934_n 11004246_10205892002441891_1128052332_n 10984703_10205892002521893_1978411143_n

Candy Buttons i took ths with and without fash these butter lipsticks are a sheen feel to them which i like so hope they are nice on 🙂

11005585_10205892041362864_123657322_n 10965660_10205892041482867_97192149_n 10984772_10205892041442866_69570639_n 11008877_10205892041402865_2019644318_n

Taffy this is a cute s/s colour and cant wait to wear this ❤ i am not going rave on bout these cause i cant give 100% honest opinion on them just yet but as you all know i love Nyx so much!! All this can allt be got on

Todays ootd.

10997184_10205892111124608_801331854_n 11004046_10205892121804875_598929185_n 10961694_10205892121844876_312027115_n 11004761_10205892121884877_271187114_n

All of todays ootd is from Pennys.

Top €10

Jeans €19

Boots €20

Jacket last years €25 i think it was ans scarf was €5 i was having a fat day and couldn’t wait to get into my pjs and cuddle with Teyanna & Bella on the sofa and do some blogging.

11004016_10205892202446891_1509319275_n 11005978_10205892202486892_1824278588_n 11004722_10205892202526893_829966696_n

Hope you all had a fantastic day this post was taking forever to write. Little Bella is just so cute.

Hope you like this post ❤

Lots of love

Fiona x

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