Makeup geek eye shadows.

Hello my lovelies, hope you are keeping well.

I am here on the sofa written this blog post with very bad lung infection how the hell i got it is beyond me 😦

So here i am to show you my most love eye shadows ever, i  bought theses to try them out with all the fantastic reviews so i had to have some. Now i know why!! These are the new batch i just bought and i will show you all the ones i have then it total. My Z palette is filling up slowly 😉 Here is my Make-Up Geek eye shadows ❤


Last dance.

11007451_10205919366565977_714268055_n (1) 11005951_10205919366645979_552769838_n 10668482_10205919440127816_330274843_n

I just love these shadows they are best out there and as you can see pigment is outstanding!


11015241_10205919494649179_426192097_n 11004720_10205919494769182_1589820357_n 10984702_10205919494729181_2056066614_n

Shimma Shimma

10984862_10205919512889635_401501424_n 10994741_10205919517489750_205157007_n 10984814_10205919517609753_1037333030_n

I was looking for a nice base colour that had a little something to it and as you can see this as it 😛

Simply Marlena.

11006123_10205919542050364_232314224_n 11004726_10205919542130366_1119171452_n 11015323_10205919542170367_75270192_n

I didn’t have a pink like this and i wouldn’t normally go for it but thought i would give it a go. I am liking this colour can’t wait to try it on the eyes.

Taupe Notch.

10997068_10205919571851109_762643175_n 10997120_10205919571931111_436823784_n 11006180_10205919571811108_1649439742_n

Ill be using this for a smoky eye and i can not wait 🙂 these are a lite swatch as i was rushing to get it done. I can not fault these and you don’t get fall out either which is a huge plus for me and anyone else i am guessing.

One thing i love bout these as well they are magnetic for the palette which i love and these can be bought online there too. Only down fall is customs so when i am ordering i do not go over $35.

My small collection..

10967688_10205919605171942_1345328896_n 11012214_10205919605291945_108709064_n

So that’s it ladies hope you like this post as i am still learning.

Love you all,

Fiona xx

10957319_10205919608212018_1292336127_n 11014772_10205919608252019_22487313_n

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