MeMeMe cosmetics haul.

Hi ladies

This is my second time having to write this as my laptop froze and i lost my blog had so much written down. Gutted as i spent over hour wtitten it. and second time it done the same so this is my third time 😦

So ill start again!!

I’ll just say i fell in love with these products straight away and i do not say that often. Here is my MeMeMe cosmetics haul, i bought these from Nicholsons Pharmacy

Flawless foundation.

11041466_10205991027037444_166093628_n 11015893_10205991027117446_1091891553_n 11005743_10205991027637459_679772009_n

I bought this foundation with tan on so this is reason i got this shade i am for sure getting the lighter shade this gives a full coverage and its exactly what it says on the bottle FLAWLESS!!! I just love it.


Not the best at close ups 😛 but this is it on in natural light and costs €15.99

Dew pots.

11006046_10205991028397478_828498819_n 11007410_10205991028437479_30035429_n 11041397_10205991028557482_969749218_n

I bought this in this lovely shade there is 8 from the stand to choose from and these are €8.99each.


This is the dew pot on.

Shimmer block.

11040258_10205991028677485_1967645411_n 11005769_10205991028877490_82392202_n 11020387_10205991028957492_1588535071_n11042278_10205991030437529_1097843219_n

So sue me says this is a dupe for Bobbi Brown and this is €12.50 compared to €36 here it is in down below but i love my cartrice one and mostly love my essence 3D vanilla shadow for my highlighter too 🙂



Persian pink and this is a lovely pink and so moisturising on the lips too. This is little more expensive than super drug stores but worth it €10.50 feels so good on the lips.

Seventh Heaven.

11042107_10205991027397453_400174595_n 11039390_10205991027557457_1177492148_n

I have only one downfall and that the lack of product in this it was only half full i was really annoyed with that. Other than that its gorgeous and smells of oranges and lime. This is a lovely feel to it as well and so nice on the skin, this was €18.99. If you have bought this can you let me know if it was full for you.

So here it is hope you like the post and let me know if you have bought any of these and what you think.

I love them.

Have a good evening.

Lots of love


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