Flawless Brushes 

Happy Wednesday ladies. 

Bring on the sunshine I say because  it’s so bloody cold! 

I’m here to show you these gorgeous brushes and what I think. I bought these on  Simply Foxy for €19.99.

These are a dupe for real technics and to me these are way softer on the skin 🙌

I can not fault these brushes at all I really can’t. These are so soft on the skin the fountain brush is little too small for me but there is nothing wrong with it.  As you can see i have used these and I love them I really do and I’m a huge fan of real techniques. Real techniques are my favourite but now this are too 😄🙌 great for applying foundation, highlighter, pigments and blusher. 

These are worth the price and link above where you can buy them. I got a malteaser treat in with it and a lovely hand written note which to me is a great personal touch to make me a happier customer and what lady doesn’t love chocolate on top of makeup brushes that are so soft and yet so girly! 💁

So that’s my view on the brushes if you have them what do you think? 

Also simply foxy have a huge range of products to buy from. It’s your one stop shop 👍 shopping in your pjs with a glass of wine what more would you want 💕 I love it xx

Love you lots x

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