Botanics radiance balm.

I’m here to tell you how much I am in love with the boots Botanics balm it’s €7.99 and its a must in your skin care drawer. I heard about this on facebook  from the matte to metallic girls saying its a dupe for the Mac strobe cream now me not trying the strobe cream I couldn’t compare! But holy Gail this cream is just amazing!! 🙌 it’s the next best thing to sliced bread 😂 

I have been using this 3 weeks and I just will not live without it again. It’s amazing as a primer before foundation and on a no makeup day for just a glowing face ✨

This is my face without makeup, whatever way light was hitting makes my skin look a bit oily on my forehead but that’s not the case it’s just the picture.

This is it under my makeup yesterday. I absolutely loved my makeup yesterday.  So that’s it my lovelies 👄

Hope you like this post


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