Whipped clean from soap & Glory

Happy Sunday x

So as you might know I have been very sick last two days and was meant to go out last night but I was just too sick. Very pain pains & getting sick! Hopefully it’ll pass by tomorrow as back to work 😆

I’m here to show you and tell you about the most amazing shower gel 🙌 by Soap & Glory 

I suffer with dry skin which is a killer for me some days. But this is my second one of these and it’s amazing. My skin is feeling the difference it’s lovely and thick and like a moisturiser going on your skin only you wash it off! And the smell is delish! 

I use it with the soap and glory scrub too which is another amazing product.

Have you tried these? If so let me know what you think Id love to hear your feedback x

Lots of love. 💕

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