Look inside my prize from The Red Dutchess.

Monday has been and it’s been a good one cause I came home to my amazing prize from Caroline at  the red Dutchess 😍 happy days. 

So I’ll show you it all now I can’t wait to be better to try all the bits out x

So that’s it all! 🙌 how amazing is this prize? Like it’s unbelievable 💕

So grateful and I have  used This works deep sleep dream  cream and it’s so relaxing just what I need after been so sick. I can’t wait to test the makeup and the brushes I was going to buy these brushes so glad I held off 😄

Thanks a million again to Caroline and when I test the rest I will do a review and let her know how grateful i am 😍💋

Hope you enjoyed having a snoop I know I would on blog posts.

 Lots of love 

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