Instantly ageless (Botox in a bottle)

Hello ladies

So I’m here to show you the instantly ageless cream. I bought sample sizes for members of my family to try out just to see the hype and it lives up to its standards I have to say! I did it on my older sister who suffers bad with bags and wrinkles her words not mine but it’s the truth!! 😂🙈 

Sorry sis I do love you so much. So I’m going to show you the picture 1,2,3 all numbered in one picture! Only thing is about the cream is you have to do it few times to see where it works for you, it works 100% but I mean I done it on my mum and didn’t work and on my sister work straight away as I used more next time round which was on my sister! On my mum I used less than a pea size and on my sister I used a proper pea size piece and it worked. What I say fan it fast to see results faster.

Next time Id use more to cover more area. But she is over the moon and wants a full size bottle. I got trail size for mum and sister thinking it wouldn’t work! I was wrong. The results are meant to last 10-12 hours but I need to check with my sister on that one.

I will update te on the result time if you want just comment and let me know.

As per usual thanks a million for reading and taking the time out of your busy day x

Chat soon

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