Roller lash vs Dream weave

Hello ladies hope you are enjoying your monday 💕 sun is out and I’m in from work and showered time to sit with cup of tea and expòse. I’m here to see can you tell the difference between them  and my views on both.



I did one eye in roller lash and the other in dream weave and I applied them the same way because that’s how you do them one coat straight after another. So can you tell the difference? ….

If not I am going to tell you 🙈


This is roller lash which is thick on the lash I did love this but as it is running low this happens more clumpy and lashes look very spidery. 



Here is the dream weave and im liking this more goes on the same way it pulls the lashes up as you are applying it but doesn’t clump now maybe it will after a while like roller lash did but to me the dream weave is a better product not even that it’s cheaper too 😉 

So if you are looking for a cheaper but same product if not better you can buy this for €15.00 Simply Foxy (here)

If you’ve tried it let me know what you think. Sorry pictures aren’t the best.

Thanks for reading


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