Yesterday’s hair look.

Hello my lovelies hope all is well. It’s a windy day here in sligo. I seen the uk had black outs 🙈 bring on the good weather I say because I’m in need of sun.

Here is how I done my hair, I seen a video on my newsfeeds and it is doing its rounds that’s for sure. Its elegant hair tutorial. Been a friday I do rush home shower and do not have time to dry my hair so I done it wet and tighter than the video while I will show you it now done and will link the step by step tutorial I copied it from and turned my hair into an amazing head of 50’s style curls.. 




That’s it there above and now I will show you it from the link (here) 

This is how I got my curls 💋 I done it with my hair wet from 3:30pm friday and left it till next day I was dressed with makeup on and ta dah gorgeous curls 💁🙌



Thanks for all the amazing feedback im so over whelmed and your sweet comments so thanks a million 😘

Thanks for reading x


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