Sleek contouring palette.

Hello beautiful.

Monday is nearly over that day flew in work. Just sitting in front of the fire now to show you my favourite contouring palette to date.



Sleek makeup contouring palettes are just gorgeous as you can see my sister introduced me to sleek roughly over a year ago and I bought loads at the time in boots when it was buy one get one half price. I bought lipsticks these eyeshadow palettes and more. I instantly feel in love with the pigment and the long lasting of these products.

As you can see above I have the fair and medium tones the fair tone I got from Simpy Foxy as well as other products I will be reviewing when I get the time to write them up. Fair tone is great for the pale toned skin like myself. But the medium is perfect for me too when I have tan on and for nights out.                   I absolutely love the blushers by sleek the tones are just lovely on my skin.  And look at the highlighters in both these the are great pigment and perfect for the instant glow.

I prefer the highlighter in the fair palette than the medium but that’s just my opinion but I love the contouring colours if you love the benefit hoola you will love these! 



Here is my look from last week where I have used my fair palette.

These can bought with Simply Foxy (here) for €12. 99 and in more pharmacy’s nationwide. 

Thanks again to Simply Foxy for the great palette I’m so grateful 😍💋 if you have used these or have sleek products you have tried let me know below and sorry for taken so long to do up posts but my head wasn’t in it. Back to normal now and loads to do up 😘

Thanks for reading

Lots of love

Fiona xxxx

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