W7 eyeshadow palettes

Hello babes hope you are all well.

I am here to write up my reviews on these gorgeous palettes I have been using in the buff about two years now and it’s just a fantastic palette. The pigment is great and the lasting power on these are great too! Once you use a primer or concealer on the eye these will last all day/night.



 These are meant to be dupes for the naked palettes and to me in the buff & in the nude is for sure as I have naked 2 and it is identical. What  I love about these palettes is the colours especially first  and second one as its all neuteral colours like creams ,golds ,Browns , warm and cool tones including a bit of shimmer as well as nudes  and pinks plus who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? 

In the night I have only used a few times as there is loads of colours in it that I am not sure on I kind of back away from colours like this but I had to have it! 

 As you can see above you do not need much of it to make a look. The value of this palette is unbelievable for €7.99 you can not go wrong 😍  these can be got from simply foxy (here) or pharmacies nationwide. 

Thank you to the ladies from simply foxy for my new in the buff palette as it is my favourite out of all 3! I will be getting the other new palettes that are out too. 🙈 

Let me know if you have these and what you think 😀 

Thank you for reading 

Have a good evening xx

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