Eyebrow shaping.

Good morning ladies 

I have often been asked who does my eyebrows that they look like hd brows but they are not which is fantastic. hd brows are expensive but long lasting I have been told but to me it takes too much time to be spending on eyebrows and money but that is just my opinion. As I was a person who over waxed my eyebrows I decided to go to a professional to get them back in shape, that’s why you see my brows sometimes looking awful in pictures 🙈 One day I went to Life Hair & beauty and was talking to Stephaine about my eyebrows and how I would like to get hd brows done but not as dark. Stephaine then recommended a tint and shape would be better for me seeing as I didn’t want to spend that much money on my brows as I would rather spend it on my semi lashes instead. As stephaine was explaining to me that it would take time to get my eyebrows back in shape, she always had them looking fantastic when I was leaving no matter the shape due to over waxing.

I have been trying to get them back into shape a few months now and I will not touch them till they are like bushes 🙈😂 because I want a big improvement every time I go and she does not fail. The tint does not last like the hd ones but I just love them each time I get them done! I would not go to anyone other than stephaine as I have been going to her for 2-3 years now getting semi lashes done and she is just a wonder lady! I walk into Life and I feel so relaxed during my treatments the conversation flows. All the staff are so friendly and welcoming it’s just a pleasure doing business with the girls.

Any ways I’ll stop rambling and show you my before and after.


That’s it girls they are slowly coming along finally. If you have hd brows i would love to you your feedback on them.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love x  


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