Penney’s haul.

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Sorry bout lack of posts but my day to day life is stopping me blogging! I dunno how other bloggers get all that time to write so much posts and always updating! It’s hard work.

Anyways I am here to show you my finds from Penney’s I got in blanch last weekend. 👌🏻

 White basic tee €3.50 

  • Crochet shorts €11 


I post these shorts last week and could not wait to get them.

  • Rusty lace off shoulder €11


Hav this in white and I love it so had to have this colour.

  • Part time mermaid tee €6


  • Arztec skirt €13 

  • Bralet €3 

  • Denim vest €7


  • Sheer top €9


  • Stripped tank top €4 

  • Harry Potter tee €8


  • White skinny’s €11


  • J’adore mint bag €7


  • Denim shorts €11


  • Palazzo pants €12


  • Sleep in rollers €2.50


I have always loved volume in my hair so decided to try these 🙆🏼

  • Arm bracelet €1.50



  • Love bag €7 


So that’s my Penney’s haul. Not including all the gorgeous kids bits I bought for Teyanna too!

Hope you see bits you might like and mix and match for outfit inspiration. 

Thanks for reading 




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