Full lips πŸ’‹

Good evening ladies.

I’m sorry to say I’m here to write my honest review on the full lips.


I have to say the first time I used the medium oval one when I got in in the post I noticed the difference a little but the suction just would not hold for me like it should. As the leaflet says do it in small sucks and do it as often to get the look you are looking for or need!

As I done that today I got a little more suction today and first go I seen my bottom lip plumping well but not on my top lip. So I tried a few little short goes at a time and bam I got a bigger looking lip.


This picture was taking the other day when I got it and was happy enough.

But to my shock I got a bruise over my top lip 😑 as you can see below


So to my shock I put makeup on straight away before anyone seen it πŸ™ˆ 

But I am guessing maybe I done it too much? I am not sure. I am not saying it does not work but if you bruise easy like me I say go with the large one and do not get greedy as they will only get as big as your lips are able without bruises!

I was so afraid this was going to happen I seen my friends doing theirs and not a bother to them. No bruises but fuller lips maybe I am just not lucky enough. 

So ladies if you get one just be careful.

I am not dissing the product as it works but does not last longer than 2 hours so I would not do this on a regular basis. If I use this again it’ll be for night out for the selfies with girls at the start of the night for the crack. 

So that it my honest opinion

Thanks for reading x


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