March Favorites.

Good afternoon everyone.

Such horrible weather again it’s a joke been in Ireland! So much for shorts skirts and dresses. 😢

I’m here to tell you this months favourites I was going to hold off till next month but decided to just get it done and out of the way.

No7 exfoliating brush.   

I bought this from boots (here) and I posted this on my Facebook page and people had mixed reviews on it. I have to say I love it, it’s very soft on the skin and does exactly what is says. Leaves your skin soft and fresh. It does bring out the badness in your skin though which is why people did not like it but that is what it’s meant to do. Gets all the badness out and exfoliates the skin nicely. It also has two settings.

L’oreal infallible 24hour.


My new favorite foundation from L’oreal this gives a full flawless coverage I bought mine in boots. Comes in a good few shades I actually think it’s 8. It costs €11.99

NYX summer love.   

I am obsessed with NYX cosmetics especially their lipsticks I bought this in lannon late night pharmacy. This is a gorgeous nude colour in Summer Love 💕💋 I have literally used it every day last few times I have had makeup on!

Me me me shimmer block.  
We all love a good highlighter and this is up there in my top 5 highlighters. This has been raved about so much and I know why it’s amazing I love this and it’s only €12.99. 

Me me me dew pot.  
I love these little pot wonders perfect for days when you don’t want to be messing around with different shadows blending etc, this one is called willow whisper. Nichlsons in Stephen street stock me me me cosmetics.

 Caudalíe beauty elixir. 

I won this absolute gem from the red dutchess competion. You can use this as a mist before makeup or with makeup on to freshen it up. It tightens pore and give radiance to the skin. It’s perfect for all skin types. 

The smell of this is to die for which  has grape, orange blossom,rose, mint & Rosemary.

So that’s my favorites if you like or love any of these I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading x


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