My top makeup brushes.

Good evening ladies.

Hope all is good on this lovely Saturday πŸ’‹ I am here to show you my top makeup brushes I love to use on a daily basis with my makeup.

So let’s get started! I’ll start with the eyes. 

  • Real technics shading brush.


I use this for my lid to put on pigment or to put colour in my tear duct. I wouldn’t use this for a shading brush but that is just me. 

  • Mac 217.


Now this is the end all and be all eyeshadow brush to me. I use it for blending buffing and so on its perfect for all uses on the eye. This is the most expensive eyeshadow brush I own but worth it. Now I know sigma and blank canvas have dupes, which I will purchase the blank canvas from Lannons late night pharmacy! 

  • Fuchsia makeup brush.


I bought a set from fuchsia roughly two years ago as a Mother’s Day treat to myself and I now love this for the same reason I love the Mac 217 but this head is way bigger but when you know what your doing you will worth easy with it. When I bought it I hadn’t a clue what anything was for. I was shit at makeup and slowly getting there. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  • Real technics base shadow brush.


I use this one as the two above too. 

  • Fuchsia brush


I use this for my highlight/concealer  when I’m looking for a more heavy conceal with my bad bags some days. Otherwise I used my most love W7 beauty blender.

  • The vintage company cosmetics kabuki brush.


As I said above I don’t always use brush for there propose πŸ˜‚ but this is such a super soft full on gorgeous brush and I didn’t want to destroy it in foundation so I use it for my setting powder and it’s just perfect!  This can be bought from the company online or tohers chemist in Sligo have a whole range or their products upstairs. This product is a must!!

  • Ciara daly hero brush.


I’m going to leave my review on this brush.(here

  • Blank canvas F20.


I fell in love with this buffing brush when I seen the flawless look it gave when aishling always done my makeup so I had to have it. And yes of course in pink πŸ’•

  • Blank canvas F15.


I use this for my highlighter and it’s just perfect or another perfect use for setting powder on your concealer under your eyes. For me it’s for my highlight unless I buy the fan brush but I just love this!!

  • Real techniques blushes brush.


I always use this for blush and have been long time. For one I actually use it right. Haha!! 

  • Flawless brush.


This is smaller is real person and I use this for contouring and then if I need a bit of blending out if too strong I use the vintage company kabuki brush. This brand is dupe for real techniques. Fact! But softer.

  1. The vintage company brushes is tohers or their website.
  2. Blank canvas their website or Lannons late night pharmacy.
  3. Flawless brushes Simplyfoxy or markievcz pharmacy.
  4. Ciara daly Simplyfoxy.

So that’s it my lovelies. Hope you enjoyed that and got some tips. I’m off to ring upc and give out about their crap Internet..

Love you all


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