W7 power buff beauty blender.

Hi doll’s 💋

I am finally getting around to writing up loads of reviews again. Sorry about been MIA!! Just couldn’t get into the whole blogging thing apart from snapchat, which I am obsessed! My username is Fifilaroux13, wish I could change it though.
Anyway so I am here to tell you about the famous w7 beauty blender which is without a doubt a dupe for the original blender. And way softer than the real techniques one which I also love.  These come in different colours and shapes! Retailing at €3.99

 I just soak it with warm water and squeeze it out and always blend my concealer with the tapered tip and use it for my full cover foundation to give it that flawless look! It doesn’t hold too much product but it takes the access product off if you have applied little too much. 

When applying I do dabbing motions I just love this it’s a favourite without a doubt. I will be for sure repurchasing when mine gets old.

In my opinion you don’t need to splash out this is a dupe.

Have you a w7 puff and what do you think? 

All w7 cosmetics can be got in pharmacys and online

  • Simply foxy
  • Cara pharmacy

Thanks for reading

Lots of love,

Fiona! X

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