Dream dots.

Good evening girls.

Hope all is well. I’m in bed relaxing after my surgery this morning, so now is the time to write a lot of posts in between naps. 

As you know I really broke out on my face with spots and Dream Dots gifted me with these to try out.  I started using these within hours of receiving the parcel, is a had 2 weeks of every products I had and needed help! I don’t mind the odd hormonal spot but I had at least 10 and they were under my skin so red and so sore to move my face. 


  • How do they work?

I cleansed and toned my face taken off any of the day time air grease etc. You simply remove the patch from the packet and pop in on the spot and it draws the badness out, you can use these over night for 3-5 days.  I used them going to work as I am a chef I work with grease which I wanted to keep that away from my breakouts.  So these were just perfect! 


  • What is my verdict?

The first over night I didn’t see much of a difference but my spots were less aggressive which was a huge plus for me as i was so paranoid been in public with no makeup with them bad boys! Even on snapchat I asked for help it was seriously stressing me out, lol!! But all in all dream dots did help reduce redness. As my breakouts were so bad it did not do the job in the time giving. Over all these do work with small breakouts but in my situation it took longer to heal, I say because mine were too bad and no heads were coming up! I will continue to use Dream Dots on my less aggressive breakouts to save wasting them. Another great thing about dream dots is you can’t go picking at them and making them worse. Where the dot is very secure on the skin do not bacteria gets in. 

Retailing at €9.99 in most pharmacies nationwide. 

Let me know if you have tried them and what you think? I made this review short and sweet, no need for babbling on. 🙈 

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love

Fiona xx

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