St.Moriz tanning mist.

Good evening dolls.

Happy Tuesday! After a hectic weekend of little miss roux herself birthday I am finally getting around to writing a post dossed with the flu. I hate been sick but as a mum you just have to get on with it! 

So I am here to tell you what I think of the St.moriz tanning mist. As you might remember I won a huge a hamper way back at the So Sue Me workshop and it came with loads of goodies from the company. And with sue recommendation I went and tried this first. Saying that I tried the old formula a long time ago and I liked that. Now with the new ingredients its new and improved and omg I just love this. 

I have been putting this off for so long as I loved the cocoa brown till recently. So in the end I said I had to try it, it’s been staring at me for ages! I think it was time. 

  • Application

You spray the tan on like you would get a spray tan but only difference you rub this in with a mitt.  It goes on like a dream I did my legs first and worked my way up! Blends well and it doesn’t give you the streaks most tans do.


  • How it lasted and what is my verdict?

I am just in love with this tanning mist and is fantastic price for a fantastic product! It gives the perfect golden tan I applied this Thursday night saying it’s too dark been the medium. I was having a panic attic thinking I was going to look like I had been tango’d! 

I had my shower the next morning and guess what? I fell in love!! šŸ’• 

It was just the perfect colour for me been a proper Irish lass Casper wouldn’t get a look in šŸ™ˆ  The lasting power is long lasting i am on day 6 and I still have a colour not as dark but no other tan gave the results like St Moriz done. Like most tans do it comes off in patches and kind of a dirty look, but this does not do that! I have never been so impressed with a tan in all my life! I have always hated tan the smell, the way it washes off etc. Also I was a sunbed lover but stopped then I went to tan but I have no problem with tanning now I have St Moriz tanning mist. 

As you can see from the pictures it’s a natural healthy looking glow. I really should of got better pictures of more skin but it’s the best I have with the crazy weekend. Plus I could not wait any longer to share this fantastic tan! 

St.Moriz tan can be bought in Penney’s, pharmacies & boots nationwide retailing at ā‚¬5.99. 

Thanks for reading beautiful!

Chat soon

Fiona x


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