Leather and Lace.

Good evening dolls.

Happy Sunday 💋 if you are a follower on my snapchat (fifilaroux13)  you will know I went for dinner with Teyanna, mum and my sister Lavina. 

We went to Molly Fultons the scenery and place was gorgeous but the food wasn’t a big hit for me. I’m here to show you an outfit inspiration if you want to call it that, not a food review! 🙊


  • Top (my sister bought me as a present from Aliexpress)
  • Skirt penney’s
  • Shoes Penney’s 
  • Hat Penney’s 
  • Bag Penney’s.

Little miss roux herself ootd.



  • Fur biker jacket, top and leather skirt is all Dunness stores.
  • Bag & boots Penney’s.

Teyanna has asked me to start taken her outfit pictures so I might as well. She has the bitch resting face to perfection 😂🙈 when I do it I just look like a briar!! 

So that’s it for me, thanks for reading 


Fiona x


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