Pippa Palette by Blank Canvas. 

Good morning dolls. 

It’s now 8 am on a Sunday morning when I am writing this. No sleep ins in this house! Hope all is well.

So let’s talk about the most famous palette so far this year so people have been saying?





I took these pictures with and without flash and it doesn’t do it justice from my fone. As my good camera is broke which needs to be fixed asap. 
I bought this palette thus first time it was released from lannons late night pharmacy here in Sligo! They stock all blank canvas goodies, nyx, sleek, flormar, catrice, nuxe and so on so its the one stop pharmacy for all your needs and budget.

Back to the palette this is the perfect palette for Irish pale skin like us. Saying that it suits everyone but it’s a great match for my tone without tan. But also great with tan too! 

You have K.D which is black for that smokey eye which I still have to learn. Do.Do which is a gorgeous burgundy kind of colour for a pop of deep colour with your smokey eye or even just all over the eye and blend it out.

Susu Tobi and Ollie are the perfect transition colours I think we all love them colours for blending in to one another for making that eye look bigger and brighter. Ollie and Tobi are my favourite of the eye shadows. They are very similar to my makeup geek favourites but not as pigmented tho. 

Lily is the last of the eyeshadow and I only use this as a base like I do with all my light shades. I love how pippa has meanings behind all the names. Perfect finishing touch! 



Now hold the fone!! Let’s get to business..

The holy grail of all is LULU omg look at that highlighter? Can you see that shimmer this is in my top 3 favourite lighters ever! It is my favourite product in the whole palette, I would just buy the palette for this alone! If you follow me on snapchat (fifilaroux13) you will see this is my favourite with Mary-Lou. 


Pipsy is very suttle blush and very lite but few applications and it’s beautiful but it’s not a favourite of mine. 

Amour is a great contouring colouring and I also love this loads. It’s lite shade but good pigment and buildable like contour colours should be. 

I love this palette it the perfect palette for bringing on holidays in your bag on nights out, meetings etc. it has everything you need for day time look or that smokey sexy eye for night night.

I have been late posting this review because I’m a blogger who gives reviews after a while of using products not just one or two uses. It’s great for first impressions but I do them on snapchat Facebook but not blog posts that actually take a long while to write. Even though it doesn’t look it. These pictures and eye application was taken in the first week I had used this palette so my makeup work has improved a little haha! I’m no MUA that’s for sure. 

Pippa palette can be bought from blank canvas €34.99

Lannons late night pharmacy in Sligo and blank canvas stands nationwide.

If you love this like I do let me know your favourite? If you don’t tell me why? Love to here your feedback. 

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Fiona x


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