The oval brush collection.

Hi gorgeous 
Hope all is well..
As you might have seen today on my snapchat FIFILAROUX13 I was revealing this gorgeous oval makeup brush set. I have been doing contour and concealing from the beauti deli flawless brush, a dupe for the cailyn oh wow brush. (Below)

I have been asked number of times what I have been using in my snaps. Yet I’m always surprised when I am , as Marissa Carter made this brush massively famous here in Ireland.

Been on Facebook looking through news feed people have been showing and sharing makeup videos using these brushes and what the used them for. With that I had to have these in my life no matter what they cost. Browsing through eBay gave me the dream! 

I have been back on eBay buying the last month, trying out different bits I actually went on to buy a new fone cover. When I starting looking for new makeup brushes to test just for the crack!  I then came across this set and I was like I have to have this. So I’m gonna to post the pictures of all the brushes the link and so on now. Here’s to happiness my lovelies! These are a must…  

How amazing do they like at a bargain for less than €20 like come on, WOW!

Here is a link below to buy. eBay 

These are slightly cheaper than set I bought. I will be using mine tomorrow and keeping you up to date. But for €17 you will not be losing much. The brushes are soft , dense and flawless from my first impression.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love, 


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