Selfie game strong.


 Happy Saturday guys.

I have finally gave in to the hype of a light up cover (aka lumee) for my new iphone6. But seeing as they were so expensive i had to look further a feild as there was no way I was paying roughly €75! Absolutely not…

So I have been on eBay last few weeks I came across mine for a bargain.. Identical and from the leaflet inside you will see it says lumee on it.


Only differnece it doesn’t say it on case. It’s a win win ! 

Look at the baby glow. Button the back to firm on and off it can be dimmed but I have not worked that out as I wouldn’t dim it as it is perfect just the way it is. I bought mine in rose gold. Can also be bought in pink ,black ,white.
Here is the selfie game strong. 💋👏🏼

I can’t get the link from my eBay account but here is a screen shot of the cover and name.. Not. Only is this just €17 but only took 3 days to come.

I’m going to order another one in a different colour for sure! 

Thanks for reading and happy snapping! 

Lots of love,

Fiona xx


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