Flormar Flower Tales Collection.

Hello my lovelies,

Hope all is well. As you might know if you follow me on snapchat (fifilaroux13) flormar are releasing a new addition to their family and it is called the flower tales collection. You may have seen their 1st birthday bash was all flower theme from their event on social media. I loved this idea because I love to see flowers especially coming up to spring/summer! 

I got my first ever blogger mail from an actual company thanks to Michelle and Paul. I’m without a doubt over the moon. Firstly I would say I’m a huge fan of flormar products I have bought, if you are following me a while you will see from my snapchat especially that I have raved about the Perfect coverage foundation!!! If you haven’t I have blog post written about it but not published it. But I will leave you to read that you will not be without it lets say.. 

The 3 products I received was 2 foundations and 1 blush. 

  • First off we have the creamy blush stick.

The blushes contains jojoba oil which softens and leaves the skin with a healthy glow, also gives a define highlight leaving a semi matte finish and is suitable for all skin types. As you will see below it does actually do it. 

This shade is Rose Pink  and when I seen it I was like god this is not gonna suit me at all. So me been me I’ll try anything to see. I did give it a wipe on like I would with lipstick and I was like ohhhhh no! Blend it in Fiona before you say anything. Obviously I couldn’t go around with a line on my face haha.. Then oh my gosh it changed my mind completely about cream blusher. I loved it, it suited my skin so well I was totally surprised. Let’s be honest how good does it look? 

Creamy blush is available in 4 shades, Rose Pink, Coral Reef, Peach Blossom and Redwood. Retailing at €9.95. 

  • Flowers tales smooth touch foundation.

Flormar have now 8 shades in this foundation ranging from Porcelain to Honey. This foundation is buildable which gives a medium to dull coverage clinically proven to hydrate the skin up to 12 hours. Leaving the skin natural and bright finish to skin. As the Smooth Touch foundation is suitable for all skin types it will leave a non oily finish and will help reduce fine lines after application. The bonus of this foundation is an SPF20. Perfect for our on and off sunny days here in Ireland. Not often we get it, but we do love to look good in the sun. I know I do, well I do try…

  • Pink Porcelain02

This is the lightest shade I’m sure and has a lovely pink tone to it which I love. I will be using this on my pale days.

  • Sand10

Now If you were cocoa brown on your face like I do this shade is perfect to be honest I thought by the bottle it would be way to dark so I did add I like of the pink porcelain but when I did I didn’t really need to. But if im honest I’m glad I did as it just gave that extra bit of wow to it. In future I won’t but on dull days like yesterday I will. Some days my skin just needs looks of brightness with been anemic. My skin is so unhappy lately as you may know I’m suffering with mental health and my food intake isn’t great I’m healthy eating but only 75% 👎🏻 This is way I’m saying not happy skin. All in all first impressions I’m in love. I have not enjoyed any flormar products I have used yet. Trust me I do say if I don’t like something.

I’m posting a few more pictures below. Pictures are from my iPhone 6 and I am in process of getting my camera fixed. Any questions just ask! 

Foundation is retailing at €11.95.

Lots of love 

Fiona x

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