Today vs Payday brows.

Hi lovelies 

Hope all is well.

I am just here to fill you in my two brow palettes I have been using on a on going basis for the last maybe 9 months. I know you would think I would of wrote about them sooner? I wouldn’t review a product after a week because my skin is so hormonal 😂 

Today’s post is about today vs payday brows and this is sleek vs benefit browzing. 

Benefit have now updated their packaging but I don’t know if they updated the formula as well. Going by what I have now I have a dupe! Some people might agree or disagree but I have been using these for months and I find no difference at all. They both…

  • Great pigment
  • Long lasting
  • Glides on well
  • Blends in to the brow perfectly 

Sleek on your left and benefit on your right, benefit has a slight red tone in their medium shade. This is the only difference I see apart from the price. My brows are badly needed done hence the bad brows haha! 

I use both and have been on and off between other products, brows make a makeup look complete so I don’t use bad products on them anymore. So everything I use is great. With dupe like this why spend €35 saving when you can spend €12 today for a great product.

Sleek and benefit can be bought almost anywhere now. Pharmacies nationwide, Cara  pharmacy, simply foxy and boots stock both.

Sleek brow palette €11.99. available in 4 shades.

Benefit browzings €35. Available in 6 shades now. 

Hope you enjoy this post.

Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love,

Fiona X

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