Bbold smart tan.

Hello lovelies. 

Today I’m here to write about the bbold smart tan I could not wait to share the news with you beautiful ladies.. 

I am sure you heard about it through peaches and cream blog. After that it had sold out across Ireland šŸ˜€ great news for the bbold team. Thankfully I managed to get mine from the lovely grange pharmacy here in Sligo! Also big thank you for them holding it till I could get out.

Irish brand company bbold tells us ….

  • Bbold mousse contuines to develop after your shower to give you a long lasting glow.
  •  contains kahai oil which contains 50% more vitamin E & twice as more vitamin F than argon oil.
  • No fake tan smell.
  • No stickiness.
  • No transfer onto bed sheets.

3 hours beautifully bronzed.

2 golden glow.

1 sunkissed glow.

My verdict.

Me been me I never wash off after the amount time giving. I always love to leave on over night. I was really bronzed waking up I actually didn’t want to wash it off as I was afraid I’d lose a good bit of the colour like most tans. Pleasantly surprised I did not lose much of the colour at all. 

  • My bed sheets had no tan transfer only the pillow case had a wee bit. 
  • No streaks.
  • No smell.
  • No dirty looking hands, knees or feet.
  • Left my skin nice and soft.
  • Dries fast.
  • Washes off evenly.

This a quick and to the point post as I don’t want to have a long blog as people get bored when a blog is so long. 

My score out of 10 for this bbold smart mousse gets a whopping 10 šŸ˜ it’s absolutely fantastic. By far the best tan I have ever tried.. If you have not tried it I would highly recommend it’s worth ā‚¬15! 

It’s basically a spray tan in a bottle!! This will now be my go to tan as long as it’s on the market.. 

Thanks again to Grange Pharmacy šŸ˜˜

Hope you liked the review and thanks again for all the support. 

Will be back with more reviews soon.

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