Full coverage concealer 

Hello gorgeous 
How are you doing? 💋
Today’s post is about flormar concealer.

If you were following my snapchat you would of seeing me comparing it to the benefit bo-ing concealer and I had loads of feedback saying flormar had a better coverage over my tattoo. By god it had.

  • Full coverage over bemlishes.
  • Hides redness.
  • 80% covers tattoo.
  • Thick consistency.
  • Little goes a long way.
  • Better than high end concealers.
  • Drugstore prices for high end quality.

I am just loving this concealer as I am using it for my makeup course due to the coverage it is fantastic for these dark circles, concealing area’s that are needed to conceal. As I have said above a little goes a long way with the consistency, damping your beauty sponge and blend it out to give the flawless finish. 

    You could also add a little Mac fix+ to your blender to blend out your concealer to give that flawless finish also which is just gorgeous!! 

    Left without right with
    As far as I remember this full coverage concealer is in 3 shades. I will pop in to Lannons to double check when I am feeling better. For a fraction of the price I will highly recommend 💁🏼 

    Flormar is a fast leading brand which is taking ireland by storm thanks to the amazing Paul Mooney!! 🙌🏼  This man knows his stuff, Paul also has flawless brand which is coming up fast too. Flawless have two amazing palettes coming soon and these are the ones to want for your Christmas list 😍 

    For a full stockists here .. (flormar)

    Sligo is.

    1. Lannons late nigh pharmacy
    2. Markivuez pharmacy
    3. Ballisadare pharmacy


    Simply Foxy

    Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tried my favourite brand let me know what you think? 

    Lots of love 

    Fiona x

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