Flormar double radiance primer.

Hey lovelies. 

Hope all is well. Today’s post is about the most loved primer I own in my primer stash. 

I was introduced to this by Michelle from Needs Not Wants Blog who is now the PR for Flormar. And I could not be more happy for Michelle as she was always a help to questions when I started blogging not even that but so helpful on her blog to replying to questions etc.

Primer is amazing for leaving a layer on the skin to stop oils coming out or in to the face.

  • Gives a glow to the places you wanted highlighted.
  • Can be applied all over face.
  • Can be used without foundation.
  • Can be mixed with foundation for that extra glow.
  • Leaves makeup lasting longer.

I have one bottle used with only a few drops left and another two waiting in my makeup stash. Now I am training to a MUA I will use this on my clients in the future if they allow me πŸ˜€ double radiance primer is one of my favourite primers as well as the smashbox photo finish. 

All flormar stands are a worldwide company and I am so happy Paul brought it to Ireland as it is one of the big drugstore brands without the high end price! That is a fact. 

Pharmacy’s in Sligo who stock Flormar

The double radiance primer retails at €12.95 nationwide.

Thanks for coming back 😁

Lots of love….


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