Future historical limited edition by Flormar.

Good evening dolls I was on snapchat excited about the new press release from flormar. This will be limited edition which I’m not too happy about just incase I fall completely in love with it!! In the collection it will be as follows..  Anti-blemish foundation. The anti blemish foundation is packed with calming, soothing and […]

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 Full coverage concealer 

Hello gorgeous  How are you doing? 💋 Today’s post is about flormar concealer. If you were following my snapchat you would of seeing me comparing it to the benefit bo-ing concealer and I had loads of feedback saying flormar had a better coverage over my tattoo. By god it had. Full coverage over bemlishes. Hides […]

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Hi everyone  It’s been a while since I done a give away. I want to give back to all my gorgeous followers for supporting the blog… Penneys chain Cocoa brown self tanner Flormar brush cleaner Flormar cashmere lipstick Shadow shields Perfectil vitamins Vichy hydra spot  Inglot 30 min lesson 30€ makeup application by Emma creations […]

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Bbold smart tan.

Hello lovelies.  Today I’m here to write about the bbold smart tan I could not wait to share the news with you beautiful ladies..  I am sure you heard about it through peaches and cream blog. After that it had sold out across Ireland 😀 great news for the bbold team. Thankfully I managed to […]

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Moogoo full cream review.

Hi gorgeous  How is everyone doing?! Im here to write about the full cream moisturiser by moo goo. I’m near the end of the bottle and I have to say this is a great product. I have been using it day and night for weeks and so has teyanna. Full cream is suitable for all […]

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Today vs Payday brows.

Hi lovelies  Hope all is well. I am just here to fill you in my two brow palettes I have been using on a on going basis for the last maybe 9 months. I know you would think I would of wrote about them sooner? I wouldn’t review a product after a week because my […]

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