Full coverage concealer 

Hello gorgeous  How are you doing? 💋 Today’s post is about flormar concealer. If you were following my snapchat you would of seeing me comparing it to the benefit bo-ing concealer and I had loads of feedback saying flormar had a better coverage over my tattoo. By god it had. Full coverage over bemlishes. Hides […]

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NYX wonder stick.

Happy Thursday gorgeous hope all is well.  Just thought I’d get a post written out to publish when I get to Barcelona.    And this is one post I couldn’t wait to write about. It’s the NYX wonder stick which I dunno why these weren’t available a long time ago. Maybe it was outside of […]

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Nyx pomade tame and frame.

Hi everyone hope all is well. I just can’t wait for holidays tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to putting on the lbs though! Lol.. I am here to talk about the Nyx tame and frame pomade.    I have been dying to get my hands on a good pomade but didn’t want to spend big […]

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