Yeats tavern review | ootn 

Good evening ladies can’t believe it’s Sunday already. Weekend went by too fast. So me and some of my family went to the yeats also known as davis’s in Sligo and I just always go it’s an old reliable favourite of mine and of course the family! 

So first off I’ll give you pictures of my food and what I thought and then the ootn etc x

Starters: garlic mushrooms 


I’m a devil for starters I’d rather all starters than a main. But I was undecided on what to have but in the end I always go with my favourite garlic mushrooms only down fall is not enough salad. But other than that omg!! Sexy ass mushrooms 👌🏻
Mums main: battered cod.


Now look at this for a monster of a feed and that’s not encluding the mash or vegetables I was devastated I didn’t order this I just love fish. I think I could live on this. Mum said it was gorgeous fish looked cooked to perfection to me as I am a chef, I always look at fish before people eat it 🙈 mum could not finish it but she is tiny eater but I would of no problem.
Mains: fish cakes


Yes I know as I said I love fish and these are by far the nicest fish cakes I have ever eaten. I got these few months ago here too but 100% weren’t as nice as these one were the other night. I got the starter size for mains and it was loads. I had these with some chips and I only able to ate one. So much flavour especially with the pesto and chutney it topped it off nicely.

Dessert: Cremè brúlee

My all time favourite dessert yummy.
Teyanna’s dessert:


So teyanna never fails to want dessert and this is her favourite and she loves fresh cream just like me.

I just love Yeats

I’m so glad we decided to go here as sometimes the service can be a little off as in so busy and delay is longer than expected but I have to say this time round the service food and staff were outstanding!

We without a doubt will be back 😋


Makeup done by me on the night when with Browns and a gold pigment.



  • Top basic tee from penny’s €3.50
  • Skirt Exibit €24
  • Shoes my sister bought me from aliexpress €24
  • Cape blazer (here)

 Hair done by gorgeous Gemma from Ziggys 

So that’s it ladies. Thanks for reading


Fiona x 


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