Cocoa brown kind shampoo and conditioner.

Hello lovelies 💋

Today’s blog post is about marissa’s new product which is the kind shampoo and conditioner. My mum went away with teyanna during the summer holidays. And as mum is a magpie like me she spotted the travel kit. Bought it and thought it would be a great idea to have them for traveling with teyanna.

Mum never used them on teyanna while they were in Wexford for the few days. Anyways I had to try them on her hair. With that we used them both over the course of 3 weeks I seen a major improvement in teyanna’s hair as she suffers like me with a dry flakey scalp. 

With that there was less dryness in the scalp it looked more alive and super soft. Been a very active child her head would sweat and look greasy but her hair didn’t do this. Which I was hugely impressed.

When it comes to cheap affordable products especially hair care I’m like nah not a hope will it come near keráste but I’m afraid this is just as great!! I also have been using it that’s why I am saying it’s just as great as keráste because I am using keráste 10 years if not more. 

If cocoa brown made an anti dandruff shampoo I don’t think I would ever go back to keráste again. As the keráste anti dandruff one has beads in it that gives a good exfoliating wash. So Marissa if you are reading I think this should be made 😍💋

All Cocoa brown products can be bought in Penneys, Primark and all pharmacies nationwide…  If you are on the Hunt for good affordable hair care I am without a doubt telling you that you need these in your hair like NOW 😂

If you have tried these let me know you’re thoughts. Or if you have tried any other hair products you think I should try. 

Just leave your comments below.

As usual thanks for reading 😘

Lots of love 

Fiona xxx

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