Future historical limited edition by Flormar.

Good evening dolls

I was on snapchat excited about the new press release from flormar. This will be limited edition which I’m not too happy about just incase I fall completely in love with it!!

In the collection it will be as follows.. 

Anti-blemish foundation.

The anti blemish foundation is packed with calming, soothing and inflammarty ingredients that will help to prevent and heal blemishes! (Which I think we all suffer in one way or another.) it’s oil free with a smooth texture and gives an instant radiant finish. Minimises breakouts due to the ingredients such as willow bark extract. Which also help to clear pores.

Smooth creamy texture with a radiant but matte finish, buildable coverage (medium to high)

Available in 6 shades.

  1. Light Ivory 03
  2. Ivory 04
  3. Soft beige 05
  4. Medium beige 08
  5. Golden beige 09
  6. Honey 11. 

Retails at €11.95!

Next up we have…….
Radiant touch brush concealer.

This luxurious concealer is a soft and smooth texture concealer that gives a radiant finish to the face. Ideal for all skin types blurring out of fine lines and hiding those dark circles and imperfections. 

Available in 5 shades.

  1. Light ivory 01
  2. Ivory 02
  3. Light beige 03
  4. Soft beige 04
  5. Medium beige 05.

Retailing at €7.95! 

New age matte liquid lipstick.

A smooth ,creamy and velvety lipstick with a long lasting power without giving your lips that gorgeous colour of your choice, without that over drying feeling on the lips. Comes with a soft applicator which means no lip liner is required! Only one coat is needed and non transferable.( I know my boyfriend will be delighted with that )

Available in 6 shades.

Retails at €7.95!
Colour stretch eyeshadow.

This Pot of eyeshadow is light and creamy with a high pigment. Which means easy to apply and blend for the look you require. Water and smudge proof, also acts as a great base for more intense look or to be worn on its own.

Available in 6 shades. Sorry I only have 5 pictured. Other shade is a white. 

  1. Future white
  2. Avant garde grey
  3. Early bronze
  4. Modern brown
  5. Vintage green
  6. Anicent blue

Retailing at €6.95!

Push up definition mascara.

A soft and uplighting mascara that lifts right from root to tip. Gives a major volume without those awful clumping lashes. Only available in jet black retailing at €9.95! 

Last but not least is the 

Perfect matte nail polish.

A velvet polish that is fast driving and gives a high coverage. Also a matte polish is available to give the perfect matte finish. 

Available in 6 shades 

  1. Marble
  2. Amber
  3. Brownie
  4. Rosy
  5. Elegance
  6. Moss

    I’m so excited for this release as I am always super impressed with the quality is outstanding! 

    Available to buy in pharmacies nationwide from next month 😍 

    All pictures are sent by flormar thanks guys for showing me these amazing new products! 

    Let me know what you guys think, and what you’d love to try the most 😃

    Lots of love

    Fiona x

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